Hush Duality Print Artist Proofs now available

We’re delighted to offer very special Artist Proofs of Hush’s sensational Duality print. Executed as a stunning 24 color lithograph on the world famous Marinoni press, this new edition marks a giant progression in Hush’s career as an established fine artist.

The standard edition artist proof is from a small edition of 15, whilst the exquisite 22ct silver leaf and 22ct gold leaf artist proof editions are from an edition of just 3.

Hush Duality Standard Edition Artist Proof Edition of 15

 HUSH Duality (Artist Proof)

Hush Duality Gold Edition Artist Proof Edition of 3

HUSH Duality Gold Edition of 3 (Artist Proof)

Hush Duality Silver Edition Artist Proof Edition of 3

Hush Duality Silver Edition of 3 (Artist Proof)



Contemporary Art Station announces ’Shibuya Station Exhibition’ for March 19

Contemporary Art Station, the platform that facilitates both emerging and established artists to display their works in public, is pleased to announce the first edition of ’Shibuya Station Exhibition’. The exhibition will turn the Tokyo based underground railway station into an art exhibition, and welcomes artists to participate by sending in their proposals. The curation process is currently on, and the show is limited to 42 artists.

The ’Shibuya Station Exhibition’ offers a great opportunity for artists to showcase their works in front of an estimated 2.4 million commuters each day for a week. The posters will be on display at the tube station from March 5 to March 11, 2019. The exhibits will be located near the ceramic mural ‘Kira Kira Shibuya’ by Koji Kinutani, created in 2008.


The exhibition will be an amazing marketing opportunity for all artists, since its duration coincides with the Tokyo Fair Period (between March 7-10, 2019), which attracts thousands of art lovers, collectors and gallerists to the station while on their way to the Fair.

Shibuya Station is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, and handles on average 2.4 million passengers on weekdays as per 2014 data. This makes it the fourth busiest commuter rail station in Japan and the world. The station connects the center of the city and suburbs to the south and west regions.

Contemporary Art Station, based in London and Tokyo, aims to make it easy and affordable for artists to bring their works to the big-scale public through installations and exhibitions. The team offers pre-production services, poster printing using latest digital technologies, professional installation work, photography in situ, online features of artists participating in exhibitions, updates on social media with artists’ contact details, zero-commission sales during exhibitions, and solo exhibitions.

For more information visit: Contemporary Art Station


Hush’s art at the Corey Helford Gallery in LA – Nov 25

Street Artist Hush’s latest exhibition at the Corey Helford Gallery in LA represents a great landmark in the artist’s career.

Hush is somewhat of a veteran in the Street Art World. Spending time between the UK, Japan, Europe, Australia and North America, Hush’s monumental rise has lead him to become one of the most collected street artists in the world.

Hush’s art now resembles fine art portraiture; high decorative and with a higher level of finesse. But that doesn’t mean he has lost touch with the street art world; far from it. His murals are ever-present and constantly evolving. Hush’s art prints are gorgeously executed, but done so with a rawness that can only be achieved with years on the street, mastering his style.

Nowadays Hush’s limited edition artwork is often embellished with 22ct Gold and Platinum, multi-layered and finished with a beautiful varnish that plays with the light as it bounces.

View our selection of stunning Hush Art at Kumi Contemporary

Hush’s new body of work at the Corey Helford gallery represents his very best yet. Beautiful compositions of alluring Japanese geishas adorned in wonderful textures and illuminated with precious metals.

Hush Art Hush Art Hush Art Hush Art Hush Art Hush Art Hush Art Hush Art Hush Art Hush Art


Images Courtesy of Corey Helford Gallery LA

New Takashi Murakami Print for Sale: Flower Ball (Annular Solar Eclipse)

We’re delighted to be able to offer Takashi Murakami’s latest limited edition print: Flower Ball (Annular Solar Eclipse) for sale at Kumi Contemporary.

Takashi Muakami’s recent shows in the US at MCA Chicago, MFA Boston and ComplexCon 17 and his first ever show in Russia at the Garage Museum, have fuelled demand for Takashi Murakami’s prints to a new level altogether.

Takashi Murakami Print: Flower Ball (Annular Solar Eclipse)

 TAKASHI MURAKAMI Flower Ball (Annular Solar Eclipse)

Flower Ball (Annual Solar Eclipse) comes from Takashi Murakami’s iconic Flower Ball series. Our selection of Flower Ball Print colour-ways are sure to brighten up any interior and create a wonderful statement piece in the home.

The latest addition to our collection is one of our favourite yet. Flower Ball (Annual Solar Eclipse) features a beautiful compositions of multicoloured flowers, wrapped around Murakami’s signature central rainbow petaled flower.

Buy Takashi Murakami’s latest print from our Takashi Murakami shop.

Takashi Murakami’s Flower Ball Print Popup in London’s Regents St

Takashi Murakami Flower Ball Prints Regents Street Maddox Street Butikku

We’re thrilled to be able to announce that we’ve partnered with high-end Japanese fashion retailer Butikku, to bring six of our most sought after Takashi Murakami Flower Ball Prints to London’s prestigious Maddox Street (Regents Street).

High fashion and art have long shared a beautiful bond – each yearning to challenge our sense of what is beautiful in the world.

There is a certain sensibility to Japanese fashion and art – each varying from the extravagantly avant-garde to the classically elegant.

In Kumi Contemporary’s very first partnership with Butikku, fashion and art will be beautifully displayed side by side. Alongside Butikku’s wonderful range of high-end fashion, for a limited time only, Kumi Contemporary will be showing 6 stunning Takashi Murakami Flower Ball Prints, each available to purchase while stocks last.

View our full range of Takashi Murakami Flower Prints

Takashi Murakami Flower Ball Prints Regents Street Maddox Street Butikku

Takashi Murakami Flower Ball Prints Regents Street Maddox Street Butikku

Visit us 13 Maddox Street, London W1S 2QS

Takashi Murakami’s first show in Russia: ‘Under the Radiation Falls’

Takashi Murakami Russia

Opening on the 29th of September and running through to the 4th of February 2018, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art hosts Takashi Murakami’s first ever major exhibition in Russia titled ‘Under the Radiation Falls’

The exhibition is an homage to Takashi Murakami’s career and is divided into 5 sections.

These include “1. Learning and technique” which explores the inception of Takashi Murakami’s paintings as being rooted in traditional Japanese Culture.

Section “2. The Little Boy and the Fat Man” takes a look at the influences that post war Japan had on Takashi Murakami and how it transformed the Japanese Art World as a whole.

Section “3. Kawaii” focusses on the aesthetics of “Cute” – an ever-present theme in Japanese culture which includes Manga and Anime.

Section “4. Sutajito” examines the infamous ‘factory’ and production process that has been pivotal to Takashi Murakami’s success.

Section “5. Phantom Chapter” takes a look at the more playful aspects of Takashi Murakami’s work and interests.

Consisting of over eighty paintings, drawings and films, the exhibition promises to be one of the finest curated of Takashi Murakami life’s works.

Yoshitomo Nara Untitled Girl on wood

We are delighted to be able to offer a rare and wonderful Yoshitomo Nara piece on wood.

During Yoshitomo Nara’s 2008 show at the Baltic, the gallery produced a small number of wooden plaque invites which were limited only to special custodians of the gallery. The work measures 210mm x 150mm x 3mm and is printed on solid wood. It portrays one of Nara’s iconic girl characters standing atop a stack of $1000 bills.

Yoshitomo Nara Untitled Girl on wood

YOSHITOMO NARA Untitled Girl on Wood

YOSHITOMO NARA Untitled Girl on Wood

YOSHITOMO NARA Untitled Girl on Wood

Tracey Emin Limited Edition Signed Prints available at Verso Contemporary

Verso Contemporary Art is delighted to be able to offer a selection of Tracey Emin’s most sought after limited edition signed prints.

Largely from Tracey Emin’s celebrated Neon series, the works are wonderfully executed and signed in large metallic pen by Tracey Emin; often accompanied by a X.

Signed Tracey Emin Prints

Tracey Emin Love Is What You Want Print

Love Is What You Want by Tracey Emin

Medium: Offset Lithograph
Signed, Dated
Date: 2015
Edition: 500

Tracey Emin The Kiss Was Beautiful Print

The Kiss Was Beautiful by Tracey Emin

Medium: Offset Lithograph
Signed, Dated
Date: 2016
Edition: 500

Tracey Emin You Loved Me Like a Distant Star Print

You Loved Me Like a Distant Star by Tracey Emin

Medium: Offset Lithograph
Signed, Dated
Date: 2016
Edition: 500

Tracey Emin But Yea Print

But Yea by Tracey Emin
Medium: Offset Lithograph
Signed, Dated
Date: 2015
Edition: 500

Tracey Emin My Favourite Little Bird Print

My Favourite Little Bird by Tracey Emin

Medium: Offset Lithograph
Signed, Dated
Date: 2015
Edition: 500

Jeff Koon’s Pink Bow Celebration Series available at Verso Contemporary Art

Verso Contemporary Art, Kumi Contemporary’s sister gallery is delighted to offer Jeff Koons celebrated Pink Bow print. Measuring a wonderful 94cm by 112.3cm and from an edition of just 50, Pink Bow has become one of Jeff Koon’s most sought after works.

Jeff Koons Pink Bow (Celebration Series) Print

Pink Bow (Celebration Series) by Jeff Koons

Medium: Pigment Print in Colours
Signed, Numbered, Dated
Date: 2013
Edition: 50
94 x 112.3cm

Jeff Koons Pink Bow
Article from Verso Contemporary

New in: Takashi Murakami Flowerball Plush – 40cm

We’re excited to be able to offer one of Takashi Murakami’s most sought after sculptures.

Takashi Murakami’s Flowerball Plush exudes style. Measuring a generous 400mm, the work is made up of a ball of multicoloured flowers that cover the entire surface.

Limited to just 200 pieces, the Flowerball Plush will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity courtesy of Kaikai Kiki.

You can view and purchase the piece via our website.

Takashi Murakami: Flowerball Plush 40cm

TAKASHI MURAKAMI Plush Flowerball 400mm