Takashi Murakami Flower Cushions

We’re thrilled to be able to offer official Takashi Murakami Merchandise at Kumi Contemporary. Murakami continues to blend the divide between “high” and “low” art forms with his exquisitely made Flower Cushions.

Featuring Murakami’s iconic flower motif, each piece is both a sculptural work of art and a beautiful everyday object that can be enjoyed and treasured.

The double sided cushion features a happy smiling Murakami Flower on the front and a sleepy Murakami flower on the reverse. The cushions are available in two sizes: 60cm and 30cm and 4 stunning colour-ways: Rainbow, Pink, Blue and Green.

Takashi Murakami Medium Blue Flower Cushion

takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-blue-30cm-2 takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-blue-30cm

Takashi Murakami Medium Pink Flower Cushion

takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-pink-30cm-2 takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-pink-30cm

Takashi Murakami Medium Rainbow (Multicolour) Flower Cushion

takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-rainbow-30cm-2 takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-rainbow-30cm

Takashi Murakami Large Rainbow (Multicolour) Flower Cushion

takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-rainbow-60cm-2 takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-rainbow-60cm

Takashi Murakami Medium Blue Flower Cushion

takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-blue-60cm-2 takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-blue-60cm

Takashi Murakami Medium Green Flower Cushion

takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-green-60cm-2 takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-green-60cm

Takashi Murakami Medium Pink Flower Cushion

takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-pink-60cm-2 takashi-murakami-flower-cushion-pink-60cm