New Takashi Murakami Print for Sale: Flower Ball (Annular Solar Eclipse)

We’re delighted to be able to offer Takashi Murakami’s latest limited edition print: Flower Ball (Annular Solar Eclipse) for sale at Kumi Contemporary.

Takashi Muakami’s recent shows in the US at MCA Chicago, MFA Boston and ComplexCon 17 and his first ever show in Russia at the Garage Museum, have fuelled demand for Takashi Murakami’s prints to a new level altogether.

Takashi Murakami Print: Flower Ball (Annular Solar Eclipse)

 TAKASHI MURAKAMI Flower Ball (Annular Solar Eclipse)

Flower Ball (Annual Solar Eclipse) comes from Takashi Murakami’s iconic Flower Ball series. Our selection of Flower Ball Print colour-ways are sure to brighten up any interior and create a wonderful statement piece in the home.

The latest addition to our collection is one of our favourite yet. Flower Ball (Annual Solar Eclipse) features a beautiful compositions of multicoloured flowers, wrapped around Murakami’s signature central rainbow petaled flower.

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