Takashi Murakami’s first show in Russia: ‘Under the Radiation Falls’

Takashi Murakami Russia

Opening on the 29th of September and running through to the 4th of February 2018, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art hosts Takashi Murakami’s first ever major exhibition in Russia titled ‘Under the Radiation Falls’

The exhibition is an homage to Takashi Murakami’s career and is divided into 5 sections.

These include “1. Learning and technique” which explores the inception of Takashi Murakami’s paintings as being rooted in traditional Japanese Culture.

Section “2. The Little Boy and the Fat Man” takes a look at the influences that post war Japan had on Takashi Murakami and how it transformed the Japanese Art World as a whole.

Section “3. Kawaii” focusses on the aesthetics of “Cute” – an ever-present theme in Japanese culture which includes Manga and Anime.

Section “4. Sutajito” examines the infamous ‘factory’ and production process that has been pivotal to Takashi Murakami’s success.

Section “5. Phantom Chapter” takes a look at the more playful aspects of Takashi Murakami’s work and interests.

Consisting of over eighty paintings, drawings and films, the exhibition promises to be one of the finest curated of Takashi Murakami life’s works.