Lady Aiko Nakagawa: Artist Profile

Japanese urban artist Aiko Nakagawa’s art first caught the world’s attention as part of seminal street art collective Faile.

Since taking the decision to leave Faile, Aiko has reinvented her self as Lady Aiko. Her work has also evolved into it’s own beast – more beautiful and personal than anybody would have imagined. Lady Aiko is now a world renowned street artist in her own right. One of very few female street artists in a largely male dominated art scene, Lady Aiko has never shy’d away from her art, plastering her images throughout cities around the world.

Aiko’s art has evolved gracefully over the years – as has her reputation. Her work is the embodiment of the power of femininity – themes of sexuality and pop culture are intertwined with the innocence of youth to create a work that is both visually striking and daintily intricate.

Lady Aiko’s name has become synonymous with the street art world and is fast becoming recognised as one of the most influential and forward thinking female artists in Japan.

Lady Aiko’s artwork not only adorns the walls of several cities around the world, it is also highly sought after in galleries – from London to New York and beyond. Recent exhibitions have included the ‘Unstoppable Waves’ exhibition in Amsterdam and more recently the ‘Nose Job’ exhibition in Long Island.

Lady Aiko’s prints and originals are masterful – infusing stencilling and brushwork to re-create the urban decay. Lady Aiko’s screenprints are signed, dated and numbered are often heavily hand-finished. Aiko’s canvas’s are masterpieces in their own right – each an original – they are an everlasting testament to Lady Aiko Nakagawa’s name.

Lady Aiko Nakagawa Prints & Originals

Lady Aiko Nakagawa: Time Changes Canvas (Medium)

Aiko Nakagawa Time Changes Canvas (Medium)  Lady Aiko Nakagawa: Time Changes Canvas (Large)

Aiko Nakagawa Time Changes Canvas (Large)

Lady Aiko Nakagawa: Time Changes Print

Aiko Nakagawa Time Changes Print

 Lady Aiko Nakagawa: Vandalismo

Aiko Nakagawa VandalismoLady Aiko Nakagawa: Crystal Clear 

Aiko Nakagawa Crystal Clear

Lady Aiko Nakagawa: Can’t Handle 

Aiko Nakagawa Can't Handle

Lady Aiko Nakagawa: Chaos Came

Aiko Nakagawa Chaos Came

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