Chiho Aoshima: Artist Profile

Chiho Aoshima’s work provided one of my first experiences of Japanese Art in the West. In 2006 she adorned Gloucester Road tube station in London with images from her City Glow series. The glowing building heads beautifully framed between the arches and lit up to provide a visual treat for every commuter who passed through. The station itself was not on-route for me at the time but i’d often make a diversion so i could bask in it’s beauty. The series soon made its way to the New York subway at 14 Street Union Square.

Chiho Aoshima Gloucester Road Tube Station

Chiho Aoshima’s Background

Chiho Aoshima was born in 1974 in Tokyo Japan. She graduated with a degree in Economics from Hosei University, Tokyo. Chiho’s artistic career began in Takashi Murakami’s factory and she soon became a member of the now infamous Kai Kai Kiki collective. Chiho Aoshima soon established herself as one of Japan’s top Japanese pop artists with her incredible talent, thrilling audiences with her visions of surreal dreamscapes – beautiful merging the heavenly and the horrific.

Now one of the pioneers of the Japanese Contemporary art movement, Chiho Aoshima continues to excite her audiences with stunning exhibitions across the globe, producing displays so enormous and detailed that it feels you are truly part of the surreal world.

The detail and beauty of her worlds are certainly not lost in Chiho Aoshima’s prints. Beautifully printed on lithograph paper, each print is hand signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

Chiho Aoshima Prints

Chiho Aoshima: City Glow

Chiho Aoshima City Glow

Chiho Aoshima: Hot Spring

Chiho Aoshima Hot Spring

 Chiho Aoshima: Divine Gas

Chiho Aoshima Divine Gas

Chiho Aoshima: Japanese Apricot 2

Chiho Aoshima Japanese Apricot 2

Chiho Aoshima: Yayake Chan Miss Sunset

Chiho Aoshima Yuyake Chan Miss Sunset

Chiho Aoshima: Japanese Apricot

Chiho Aoshima Japanese Apricot

Chiho Aoshima: The Fountain of the Skull

Chiho Aoshima The Fountain of the Skull

Chiho Aoshima: Japanese Apricot 3

Chiho Aoshima Japanese Apricot 3

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