Takashi Murakami Tan Tan Bo silkscreen now available

We’re excited to be able to offer one of Takashi Murakami’s finest prints to date. The iconic Tan Tan Bo is among a very small selection of Takashi Murakami prints to be executed as a silkscreen.

Rumoured to consist of over 200 silkscreen layers, the piece is exquisitely crafted. Tan Tan Bo takes Murakami’s obsession to detail even further; the piece embellished with copious gold leaf in the background, creating a luxurious shine as the light reflects from it’s surface.

For enquiries please email us at info@kumicontemporary.com

Tan Tan Bo Silkscreen by Takashi Murakami

TAKASHI MURAKAMI Tan Tan Bo Silkscreen

TAKASHI MURAKAMI Tan Tan Bo Silkscreen