Hush Siren in Motion AP & Rare Hush Trade Prints available

We are delighted to be able to offer two very rare and stunning limited edition prints by Hush.

The first is Hush’s signature Siren in Motion (Single Siren) print. What makes this print even more special is that it’s taken from an Artist Proof Edition of just 10 with each print uniquely hand-finished by the artist.

The second print is an early edition from 2007. Coming from an unconfirmed series of just 30 prints, Hush’s Trade Print is a fine example of Hush’s early work which saw him become one of the most sought after urban artists in the world.

Hush Print: Siren in Motion (Single Siren) Artist Proof

Hush Siren in Motion (Single Siren) APHush Print: Trade Print Edition

Hush Trade Print Edition