Hush Sirens prints: Siren in Motion & The 3 Sirens

We are delighted to be able to offer Hush’s latest Sirens prints: Siren in Motion (Single Siren) and The 3 Sirens (AP). The prints were released across Australia, US & Europe during his critically acclaimed Australia show at the Metro gallery, and as expected sold out in seconds. The popularity of Hush’s latest offering is testament to his souring reputation in the urban art world. Widely known as one of the hardest working and technically gifted artists, his style continues to evolve and impress across the world.

The 24 colour screen prints plus varnishing are prepared on 300gsm Somerset Velvet paper with collage pattern emboss in the image and crest. The Siren in motion print is from an edition of 150 and The 3 Sirens is a wonderful artists proof edition of just 10.

Hush Prints

Hush Print: Siren in Motion (Single Siren)

Hush Siren in Motion (Single Siren)Hush Print: The 3 Sirens

Hush The 3 Sirens (AP)