Chiho Aoshima beautifully framed prints now available:

We are excited to announce a selection of framed Chiho Aoshima prints are available to purchase from Kumi Contemporary. Framed to conservation standards in solid black, the frames beautifully accentuate the vibrancy of Chiho Aoshima’s artwork. Among the framed pieces includes Chiho’s masterpiece City Glow, the iconic Japanese Apricot 2, the stunning Hot Spring and the ethereal beauty Mushroom Room. Please contact us if you wish to purchase or view the pieces.

Chiho Aoshima Prints Framed

Chiho Aoshima: City Glow Framed

Chiho Aoshima City GlowChiho Aoshima: Hot Spring Framed

Chiho Aoshima Hot Spring

Chiho Aoshima: Japanese Apricot 2 Framed

Chiho Aoshima Japanese Apricot 2

Chiho Aoshima: Mushroom Room Framed

Chiho Aoshima Mushroom Room