Hush: Artist Profile

Hush’s graphic design and art career has taken him around the world – throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. However it was Hush’s opportunity to work as a toy designer in Japan that provided his most profound influence. As an outsider, Hush was able draw upon his experience of Japan’s largely misunderstood culture – a culture entwined in history and also at the forefront of the modern world – to create art that not only captured the beauty and intricacies of this fusion but did so with technical prowess. It was Hush’s technical ability as a street artist that first brought him notoriety in the UK. His multi-layered stencil and mixed media canvases sit effortlessly beside Banksy’s and his geisha girls adorn the covers of street art books.

There is no doubt that Hush’s name will be synonymous with the street art movement in years to come. But there is much more to Hush’s art than beautiful geishas and scantily clad lolitta girls. Hush’s art represents a change in Japan “the escape from the constraints of traditions, the contrasts between old and new, the past meeting the future and the fusion of Eastern and Western culture” (Hush 2011)

Hush’s sell out shows across the globe – New York City, Miami, London, Basel, San Francisco and Berlin, and in particular Los Angeles – a place he is never too far away from – have propelled Hush’s popularity.

Hush’s prints and originals sell out in minutes. We are proud to offer a selection of our favourite Hush pieces available through Kumi Contemporary. Hush’s screenprints are signed numbered and dated and often heavily handfinished with paint. Hush’s originals are multi textured mixed media paintings on large canvas.

Hush Prints & Originals

Hush: Geisha Tryptic

Hush Geisha TrypticHush: Rhythm Graf Glimmer 1

Hush Rhythm Graf Glimmer 1

Hush: Little Angels (Blades)

Hush Little Angels (Blades)Hush: Passion

Hush Passion

Hush G Girl

Hush G Girl

Hush: Love Hate

Hush Love Hate

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