Takashi Murakami’s magical Doraemon Prints


Takashi Murakami Doraemon – Wouldn’t it Be Nice if We Could Do Such a Thing – Lithograph, 2019

Affectionately known as the ‘Mikey Mouse of Japan,’ Doraemon has enjoyed enduring popularity for decades and played a role in several of Japan’s significant moments, including the 2016 Olympic closing ceremony. Doraemon even made appearances in Toyota car commercials and was employed by politicians to boost their popularity. This beloved robotic cat from the future, often referred to as a stray, has also found its way into the artistic world of Takashi Murakami, adding a futuristic and adventurous touch to his iconic manga characters.


Takashi Murakami Let’s Go on the Time Machine, 2021

Unlike Murakami’s other works, those featuring Doraemon offer glimpses into Japanese life through snapshots of the character’s adventures. These adventures are woven into both individual figurative pieces and larger landscape artworks. One such piece, ‘Let’s Go on the Time Machine’ from 2021, showcases Doraemon’s character development as he travels back in time to alter the fate of a young boy’s grandfather. This simple yet beautiful storyline underscores Doraemon’s good-natured and helpful personality, making him one of Japan’s most beloved and recognizable manga characters. In fact, Doraemon has been designated as the ambassador for all Japanese manga characters, making it fitting that Murakami, with his appreciation for manga and background in Japanese art, would incorporate this iconic figure into his creations. Fujiko F. Fujio,

Doraemon’s creators, first introduced this endearing robot cat in 1969, and he has since achieved global success through multiple movies and television appearances, both in Japan and internationally. In homage to Doraemon’s creators, Murakami crafted a piece titled ‘Doraemon, Let’s Go Beyond These Dimensions on a Time Machine with Master Fujiko F. Fujio! 2020.’


Takashi Murakami Doraemon Wouldnt It Be Nice If We Could Do This and That, 2020

Doraemon is often depicted alongside a young boy named Nobita, another central character in their time-traveling escapades. Murakami’s superflat painting style skillfully juxtaposes the stories of these two friends, who seem to effortlessly traverse multiple dimensions. Through his art, he captures their friendship and sense of adventure, most notably in ‘Friendship Forever!, 2021.’


Takashi Murakami Friendship Forever!, 2021

The diverse range of pieces featuring Doraemon underscores the profound influence of manga on Japanese culture and the deep admiration for this iconic character.


Takashi Murakami Doraemon: Here We Go! Lithograph, 2020

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