Hush Prints: A Street Piece Named Desire, Twin Light & Moniker

With Hush’s landmark Outsiders solo show due to open this Thursday 31st October, we are excited to bring you three stunning prints.

A Street Piece Named Desire was released at the Outsiders and comes from an edition of just 15. Measuring an impressive 74cm x 100cm, this large and dramatic print is hand painted with acrylic and spray paint. Hush’s A Street Piece Named Desire is indisputably Hush’s finest print to date.

Hush’s Twin Light has been a favourite since it’s release in 2011. Drawing on traditional Japanese textures and patterns, Hush sets up a striking scene on exquisite hand made somerset white velvet paper. Also included with this piece is a rare Hush paster.

Hush’s Moniker Siren is available as a unique proof from an edition of just 2. A stunning grey metallic background creates an incredible centre piece for Hush’s trademark Siren and Graf tags.

Hush Print: A Street Piece Named Desire

Hush A Street Piece Named Desire

Hush Print: Twin Light

Hush Twin LightHush Twin Light & Special Paster

Hush Print: Moniker Unique Proof

Hush Moniker Unique Proof