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Art Interior Design Inspiration from KUMI Contemporary. Inspiring great collections for great interiors.

"If buying art is to matter to us deeply, then it has to engage with our emotions and bring something to what one might as well, and with no supernatural associations whatsoever, call our souls."

Alain de Botton

"I may have some pieces that are considered important, but most of the objects are things that evoke a feeling of visual pleasure. I think that part of the pleasure of collecting is to go out and find that great object and then introduce it into your environment"


"We want to see the newest things. That is because we want to see the future, even if only momentarily. It is the moment in which, even if we don't completely understand what we have glimpsed, we are nonetheless touched by it. This is what we have come to call art"

Takashi Murakami

"The whole point of collaboration is that you give and take from each other, and that's how you create things that are totally new"

Virgil Abloh x Takashi Murakami

"I primarily buy art to show it off"

Charles Saatchi

“I started collecting art (…) simply because I wanted pictures to hang on the wall. I noticed what a difference a picture could make to the ambience of a room, and indeed how shifting work around could change a room’s whole feeling.”

Michael Audain

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